Managing enterprise databases?

Database Deployment Workflow Simplified!

Modern way to deploy Database changes

Add Users

Administrators create teams and add users. Assign privileges in repositories which are containers for SQL scripts.

Configure Environment

Developers upload their scripts in Repositories. DBAs configure and map Application (SQL) repositories to Database targets.

Start Deploying

Deploy! The fast and secure database deployment experience.

Powerful Features

Packed with features that help you tremendously speed up your daily workflow.


Structured SQL file management in repositories created at project or team level.


Integrates with your existing Git repositories on Github, Bitbucket or GitLab. Falcon Deploy also comes with internal Git. So you have a choice of non-Git repo, internal Git repo or your existing external Git repositories.


Automated, scheduled backups for non-git repositories. Restores at file and repository level.


Built in authorization to secure code and securely deploy the changes.


Works with Oracle database 19c and lower. Supports Wallet based authentication which is required for databases on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Works with MySQL databases.


Application to Database mapping enables secure deployments and minimizes human error.

Easy Transition

SQL scripts from your existing projects just work. All SQL Plus commands work.

Falcon Deploy allows enterprise users with different roles to collaborate better. The application exponentially reduces the wait time and depedency between developers and database administrators without compromising security or business processes.

Collaborate Better


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